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Q:  If I purchase a plasma TV is it going to burn out next year?
A:  Almost all panels are being manufactured with a 60,000-hour life span. 60,000-hours is equal to watching TV six hours each and every day… for 27-years!

Q:  Can I install my plasma TV over a fireplace?
A:  Yes, but heat is a factor. A mantle is required to deflect the hot air generated by the fireplace. Contact us for your specific needs.

Q:  Does a media room have to be expensive?
A:  No, we have several affordable packages. Please see our Packages section.

Q:  Are all channels in High Definition?
A:  Not at the current time, but the major networks and many other channels now appear in HD.

Q:  How long does it take to install a plasma TV with surround sound?
A:  Usually several days from start to finish.

Q:  Will my new system be easy to operate?
A:  A skilled installer will work with you and your family to insure everyone understands everything you need to know to enjoy your new entertainment system.

Q:  Can I finance my new investment?
A:  Yes, we will be offering new programs very shortly. We also accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

Q:  What is your warranty?
A:  We offer 1-year on our installation and honor all manufacturer's original warrantees. You may also purchase extended service contracts on plasma TVs and other equipment.

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